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This company publishes old folk tales, love stories and educational literature in the areas of education for substance abuse education and college student achievement. I founded this publishing company Williams Hargrove Press in the name of every woman who has an idea to lead but was told it's a man's world!. This company will be set up completely in 2013 due to legal paper work and individuals want to lay claim to others work but have to be informed with a law abinding hand that Ms. Williams written works are mine only and not your friends or various state organizations I nolonger work for or hold their weak licenses to act up under their guilded hand. I believe in freedom of speech and owership of a person's written work is theirs only and I am against any individual or entitiy to come forth and attempt to lay claim to their written work after they review and find out the work is of a expert in that particular field of knowedge. All of the written works will be based at Amazon.com for kindle users and through e-book also. However, it requested paperbook or hard copies will be also at hand for the those individuals that perfer that written media. Now! Everyone knows what hard work and drive can achieve. I am a woman hear me roar! Ms. Williams


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The mind is an open door to anyplace and anywhere in the world.

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 Ms. Williams